I’m sorry to inform you that it’s impossible to view Hulu in Canada. No! Now it’s possible! Despite the fact that Hulu limits it’s streams and broadcasts to people in the USA, there is now a surefire way to watch Hulu in Canada. It’s a virtual private network or VPN.

If you’ve heard of VPN’s, you’ve probably heard of proxies. Just a year or two ago it was still possible to use proxies to change your IP and watch Hulu in Canada and abroad. However, proxies, though in some ways are similar to VPN’s, are not as secure and Hulu can easily detect and block them. The most popular of them, Hot Spot Shield is listed in many forums as a solution to the “how do I watch Hulu in Canada problem”, but these are old forums. Since Hulu has blocked all proxies, the only solution is to get a VPN.

VPNs, though they sound complicated and expensive, are actually not at all. VPNs can cost you as little as five dollars a month (though range up to twenty), and installation can take just about 5 or ten minutes. If you are a fan of Hulu, you know that five buck for all your favorite shows streamed right to you, in Canada, really isn’t that much.

A VPN, in short can help you to use an American IP address so Hulu thinks you’re streaming from the USA. Hulu will be tricked into thinking that you and your computer or phone are now in The USA – this is how you can stream Hulu from Canada!

Getting US TV in Canada won’t use up your time anymore. Viruses hidden in torrents, slow downloads, and bad quality files are just some of the things that you’ll be able to leave behind you with Hulu access.

Here are some tips on what kind of VPN will best suit you and your needs. Thinking about what kind of VPN to get? Many places have live and email support to help you choose the right kind of VPN – there are different protocols for iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC.Remember that iPhone and Android will take PPTP or L2TP, and Mac or PC will take SSL/OpenVPN

Thousands of classic TV shows are available on Hulu, and the site keeps growing with new additions – like the Criterion collection of movies being added recently. Never miss out on your favorite American TV shows again, even though you’re in Canada.

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