If you want to watch Hulu in Europe, you’ve got to know a few things first. Most importantly, it’s the IP address of your computer that’s stopping you from watching Hulu in Europe. An IP address, if you don’t already know, is a string of numbers saying where you computer is located. Through your IP and your Internet service provider, your IP address can be used to find you anywhere in the world.

The second thing you should know before you attempt to do this is the fastest way to get Hulu in Europe, is thorough a VPN. While it is true that a few years ago proxies could still be used to access Hulu video, this is not true any more. Hulu is not the only site that does this, and in fact, many TV sites from America block proxies but don’t block VPNs. As a VPN user in China, I can see first hand that proxies have been blocked for the most part, but the use of VPNs are still quite common.

Another thing is that although free services are available, you may want to consider getting a paid service. One of the downsides of having a free service to watch Hulu in Europe is that many people use these, and therefore speeds are much slower. A lot of times you’re sharing an IP address with other person, so you have to deal with things like buffering and sometimes, like today for me, horribly slow connections.

If you decide to get a paid service to watch Hulu in Europe, the last thing you should not forget is that you need to get a company that can provide you with an American IP address. Hulu needs you to be in The USA, so by connecting to the VPN server in The US you’ll be able to “be” in the US. Many companies, although they are promoting the use of vpn’s to keep you data safe, tunnel firewalls, or fight Internet censorship, don’t always have servers in America. Many servers are located in Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Germany, and many countries throughout Europe. You need an American IP address if you’re going to be able to watch Hulu in Europe.

If you’re still hesitating about paying for a service, look at it like this. What you don’t spend money-wise, is going to catch up with you as far as time and frustration goes.

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