Nobody can deny that the Star Wars movie franchise changed how movies were made forever. The once epic vision of George Lucas, which has sadly faded over the years, raised the standards expected from movies from that point onwards – every movie made after Star Wars tried to measure up to it. Science fiction movies before Star Wars were generally low budget feaures with low budget actors that never did well in the box office.

Around the same time that Star Wars was due 20th Century Fox’s other big movie for that year was a nuclear apocalypse movie called Damnation Alley. Oddly enough Damnation Alley had a much larger budget than Star Wars but when you see the finished movie you’ll find yourself struggling to understand what the money was spent on – $17 million didn’t buy much back then by the looks of things. There were various reasons for Damnation Alley looking so bad in comparison and most of the damage was done post-production – ain’t that always the way?

But let’s get back to Star Wars before the tangent gets any worse. It’s hard to think of another movie in cinema history that has had such a profound and long lasting effect on movie making. Even look at the merchandising that followed the release of the movies – it took this part of movie promotion and company profits to a whole new level.

And one of the biggest merchandising hits were the lightsabers that hit the market to fill the high demand from teenagers everywhere for their own replica lightsaber. The initial efforts were pretty weak but following a lot of testing and tweaking Master Replicas finally got it right after they perfected the Force FX lightsabers and the cut-rate knock-offs died a rapid death.

How come the lightsaber was so much in demand? After all there were plenty of other Star Wars toys to pick from. The lightsaber was different because it reminded us of stories of the knights of the round table and heroic deeds done by knights. Lucas even capitalized on this by making the Jedi an order of knights. The lightsaber took the sword to a whole new level and gave it a whole new lease of life in the movies.

The coolness factor of the lightsaber and what set it apart from any other sci-fi weapon we’d seen before was that by using the Force the lightsaber became an extension of you – you and the weapon become as one; which of course has leanings towards the legends surrounding Samurai warriors. It took skill to use a lightsaber and in a way you almost had to be born to wield one with any kind of advanced level of skill.

No other science fiction weapon has come close to inspiring the sheer awe that lightsabers have in audiences all over the world.

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