In The UK, even though American culture comes under fire quite a bit, American TV is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Even though there is quite a bit that the British like to laugh at about American’s way speaking and behaving, shows like Gossip girl and other high school oriented shows are very popular among young people. Many of these American TV sitcoms like Friends are still popular in The UK despite having been canceled in America long ago.

Shows like House, The Daily Show, and Saturday Night Live which have been running for many seasons have tons of loyal fans waiting for next weeks show. Ok, I don’t blame you guys. Even though there are quite a few cultural differences between The British and Americans, American TV is entertaining, and thus enjoys popularity around the entire world. And so there are thousands of people that want to watch Hulu in The UK.

Unfortunately, because computers in The UK have UK IP addresses, most of the time you can’t stream Hulu from The UK. I say most of the time because there is a loophole. This trick is used by thousands of UK residents every year, and has been since Hulu opened in 2008. Much of the information out there on other blogs is from two years ago, but virtual private networks still work like a charm. Even Hotspot Shield, the famed free proxy to get Hulu anywhere in the world has now been blocked from The Hulu site.

There are also quite a few videos on Youtube and personal blogs with “hacks” to change your IP, but many of these are confusing – I’ve tried them before. It may seem simple to someone who’s already done it and understands this stuff, but for most people, it’s impossible to figure out what they’re trying to do. VPNs are great for people like me – simple and quick.

You can access Hulu from The UK because a VPN will give you an American IP address. This US IP address problem is solved, and this is how you’ll be able to watch Hulu in The UK. When you sign in to the VPN server, the data from your computer is coded and sent to an American server before it reaches the Hulu site. This means that Hulu doesn’t see your actual IP, they can only see American IP address the VPN server provides them with.

VPN’s are different than anonymous proxies, or rolling proxies as some might call them, because Hulu cannot detect them, or is too lazy to anyway. If you don’t want to miss your favorite American TV shows, the a VPN is definitely the way to go.

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